Today’s Sound Money Tip is about saving when moving.

When it comes to moving, most people buy their boxes from the movers because of the convenience factor. If you think ahead a bit, you can get your moving boxes for free by asking at stores (I’ve always had great success with stationary and office supply stores). If you a haven’t thought ahead or don’t feel like making the effort to find boxes for free, you still don’t have to pay full price. I stumbled across a website appropriately called Used Cardboard Boxes.

This is good advice, but you can do better.

I own a box plant. We make custom boxes to order. Many people call us for moving boxes because they think the local U-HAUL or self-storage place is charging too much. We generally direct them to a used box supplier.

Ordering used boxes over the internet is probably not cost-effective; shipping charges will kill you. However, in most large cities, there will be a company that specializes in used boxes and packaging. If you’re moving and need boxes, check the yellow pages for box suppliers. If none of them advertise used boxes for sale, call around until one of the other places points you to the right company. Eventually you’ll find the place you need.

Another fantastic source for used boxes is craigslist, where there are always lots of people looking to get rid of boxes, most of them willing to just give them away.

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