Here’s a brief roundup of some personal-finace related stories:

  • Maxed Out is a new film that explores America’s addiction to credit cards. Newseek takes a look at the movie and talks with the filmmaker, James Scurlock.
  • is a free site intended to help teachers, parents, and students learn life-long money management skills. The site boasts an impressive array of resources, including financial caluclators, school lesson plans, games, and a banking tutor. This project has impressive scope, and mirrors some of the things I would like to do. Should I be worried that the site is a project of credit-card behemoth VISA?
  • On AskMetafilter, somebody recently asked: “On balance, can I save money by moving to a vegetarian diet?” The consensus answer seems to be “yes, you can save money by becoming a vegetarian”. There are lots of good answers discussing the best food choices for vegetarians trying to save money.

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