Cribnotes has created a guide to selling stuff on eBay. (Which, in turn, is an outgrowth of his eBay FAQ.) I recently sold a couple of thousand dollars worth of old books and games using the methods he describes here.

Selling on eBay or craigslist is an excellent way to simultaneously declutter your life and generate a little extra cash. Selling does require an investment of some time and energy, but since eBay allows you to schedule auctions in advance, it’s easy to generate several each week, clearing your house of those old comic books and beanie babies.

My own experience has led me to differ from Smith’s guidlines on a couple of points. (For example, I always pay extra for ten-day auctions. They seem to generate a lot of extra revenue, especially if they span two weekends.) I will post my personal eBay method later this week.

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