Here’s a site that lists 450+ useful free utilities for Microsoft Windows that do specific jobs well, allowing you to save time and money. The site lists:

  • 19 anti-malware utilities
  • 24 audio utilities
  • 27 business utilities
  • 18 communication utilities
  • 45 desktop utilities
  • 11 text editors
  • 60 file manipulation utilities
  • 4 financial utilities
  • 27 graphics utilities
  • 13 reference utilities
  • 39 internet utilities
  • 6 macro utilities
  • 61 system enhancement utilities
  • 20 productivity utilities
  • 9 programming utilities
  • 2 uninstaller utilities
  • 11 video utilities

Free software is often an excellent alternative to mainstream commercial applications. In fact, I often prefer freeware applications because they’re stripped down, don’t come with all the bloat that you find in programs like Microsoft Word.

The site also has a separate list of 400+ open source applications and utilities.

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