The latest Ask SmartMoney column features a set of interesting questions. First:

I have $10,000 in an old 401(k). I’d like to roll over the account to an IRA and then maybe a Roth. What should I look for in an investment company?

SmartMoney recommends investing the money in a no-load, low-fee mutual fund family. It also provides advice for ensuring a smooth transition. The second question is:

I am way under my car’s allotted lease miles and am now frustrated paying for miles I’m not using. What are my options?

To which the answer is, essentially, “deal with it”. Lease mileage is a maximum allowed. If you haven’t used it, there isn’t anything you can do besides take a road trip. And the final question is:

I have two children, ages nine and seven, who each have $2,000 in savings. At the local bank, they’ll earn just 0.5%. Where can I find a higher rate?

The author recommends routing the money into certificates of deposit or money market funds. “One option is to open up a custodial account at a brokerage firm or mutual fund company. As custodian, you can invest the money pretty much however you see fit.” The article also suggests routing money into a Roth IRA once the kids are actually earning income.

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