Ramit at I Will Teach You to Be Rich has a fantastic post about the difference between:

  • loving something, and
  • loving the idea of something.

It’s easy to read about personal finance (or any other area of self-improvement) and to say to yourself, “Yeah. That sounds nice. I really should drive less. I really should stop buying so much at Starbucks. I really should open an IRA.” It’s easy to say these things to yourself — and you know what? It’s actually easy to do these things, too.

But few people actually follow through. They talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. And sometimes they actively try to interfere with those who are bold enough to make changes in their lives. Ramit writes:

Check out this calculator that JLP from AllThingsFinancial made: How Much Can You Save in a Lifetime? Notice how fast money grows at the end. Here’s my bet: The enterprising people — the ones who really want to be rich, and probably will — will take away something like, “Wow — I better start investing today!” Maybe they’ll read some more on this site and others, and get started. The not-so-enterprising people who like the idea of being rich will get caught up in the minutiae and have debates about the interest rate that JLP used — sort of like what’s happening right here.

Last week I wrote about pleasing others by being responsive. You can can use the same techniques for personal gain. Please yourself by responding to your own goals and dreams and desires.

The best time to start any positive course of action is now. This isn’t just New Age self-talk; it’s the truth. Start saving now. Start exercising now. Start writing your book now. Start spending time with your family now. Start learning to knit now.

Procrastination is the enemy of life.

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