The absurdly cool freebie finder is:

…an automated free stuff aggregator. I’ve designed it to collect free stuff offers from top freebie sites, while filtering out most scams and referral pyramids. This site is in beta, and so your suggestions are always welcome. Listed below are the most recent offers found, with their sources to the right. Remember to bookmark the site, it updates every few hours! Please only request freebies you actually need and will use!

The site reminds me of craigslist in that there’s some good stuff to be had, but a lot of it’s pretty particular. Most people could use a free sample of Glide dental floss, for example, but not as many will find a free sample of Just For Men hair color of use.

There are a lot of offers for free subscriptions to specialized magazines like Golf for Women and Batanga, a Latin music magazine. Many geeks will be interested in the free subscriptions to Computer Gaming World and Electronic Gaming Monthly. I signed up for a free subscription to Workbench, a woodworking magazine, as a test.

(And shouldn’t they pay people to take the North Dakota travel brochures and kits?)

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