Phil at the Make Blog is hosting an informal best workshop contest. There’s a Flickr pool for submitting workshop photos. Natalie, Make’s “crafts maker”, also found a set of craft room photos.

These pictures are fun to browse — it’s great to see what other people build and create. Frugal folks love to make things. Learning to do-it-yourself is an important part of living with less.

My workshop doesn’t get as much use as it could. I only have one lousy photo of the space:

[A photograph of my workshop, including table saw, computer monitors, etc.]
Click the image to view the annotated version at Flickr.

It’s a fine feeling to be able to cut a shelf for my wife, or to build a bench for the yard, or to repair a computer for a friend, all while listening to Johnny Cash and being warmed by a wood fire in the pot-bellied stove.

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