The Independent (UK) has a summary of twenty things everyone needs to know, with explanations provided by experts.

  1. How to change a tyre (or a tire, for us yanks)
  2. How to sleep
  3. How to build a fire
  4. How to shine shoes
  5. How to make a martini (by Dale DeGroff, the ‘king of cocktails’)
  6. How to apply lipstick
  7. How to negotiate (by Donald Trump)
  8. How to scramble eggs
  9. How to hang a picture
  10. How to ask for a raise or promotion
  11. How to use chopsticks (by the CEO of PF Chang’s)
  12. How to iron a shirt
  13. How to shave (see also)
  14. How to hit a tennis ball (by Jennifer Capriati)
  15. How to listen (by Larry King)
  16. How to ask someone out (by the president of
  17. How to learn a foreign language (by the president of Berlitz)
  18. How to shake hands
  19. How to buy a diamond (but, please, give it a second thought)
  20. How to conduct a background investigation (by a Watergate investigator)

I especially like Larry King’s “How to Listen”.

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