A column over at CNNMoney has some good advice on what to leave out of your resumé.

  • Don’t include your hobbies.
  • Don’t include your marital status.
  • Don’t include information about your children.
  • Don’t explain why you’re moving to a new town.
  • Don’t detail the reasons you left your previous jobs.
  • Don’t send your resumé as an attachment with a questionable name. The article cites one person who sent a resumé saved as ‘ssseexxxyyy_2006′.
  • Don’t offer an unprofessonial e-mail address. The article notes the real-life example of bruceypants@somedomain.com.
  • Don’t inlcude personal data like your home address or your Social Security number — don’t make yourself a target for identity theft.

“Adopt this simple motto,” [a staffing director] suggests. “Professional, yes. Personal, no.” Enough said.

Remember: Your most important asset is your health. Your second most important asset is your career. Help yourself to a good start by keeping your resumé professional.