You probably pay more for your car than for anything other than your home. Though personal finance mavens advise us to buy used vehicles, many people — including myself — feel more comfortable buying new. But how can we be sure that we’re getting a good deal, that we’re not getting ripped off?

Fighting Chance is a web site devoted to giving consumers the information they need to negotiate a good deal on a new vehicle. Founder James Bragg writes:

Our “Big Picture” analyses for each auto nameplate are updated monthly. They tell you whether sales are up, down or sideways for the vehicle(s) you’re shopping, and whether the average dealer sells two per month or 32. They also tell you what other customers have reported paying, in relation to the dealer invoice price, to give you a frame of reference for your negotiation…

Most important, Fighting Chance shows you exactly how to use this information to make dealers bid competitively for your business. Our information package has four pages of instructions on how and when to execute the “fax attack,” along with sample faxes for leasing or buying. If you follow our instructions, you will find that even cars that sell well are relatively easy to deal on.

For $35, Fighting Chance provides an information package containing:

  1. Complete current pricing data for the vehicles you’re considering.
  2. A biweekly report covering current dealer incentives, which will help you plan your purchase.
  3. A big-picture analysis of how manufacturers and models are doing in the marketplace. This also includes information on dealer holdback and actual transaction prices.
  4. A package of insightful articles, including:
    • How to use the information package
    • How to avoid the big leasing rip-off
    • Straight-talk about incentives
    • What they don’t want you to know about product quality
    • Should you buy last year’s leftover model?
    • Much more.
  5. A customer support number to get your questions answered during the process.

I’d never heard of Fighting Chance until a GRS-reader e-mailed the link to me. However, my wife and I used a similar method when we bought her last car a decade ago. It worked like a charm. No hassle — just a quick test drive and the signing of the papers.

If you’re planning to purchase a new car, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

Tomorrow I’ll post a first-hand account from somebody who saved thousands of dollars using the Fighting Chance method.

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