Are you facing the need or desire to simplify your life? You might be newly laid off, retired, or a student, homemaker, or entrepreneur who has to make do with less. This ebook can help you restructure your life.
— from Live Simple

John December took a year off from life to write a book that he describes as “my Walden“, a book about living simply, about learning to make do with less. Live Simple: Radical Tactics to Reduce the Clutter, Complexity, and Costs of Your Life explains how a simple lifestyle can help you pursue your dreams. It’s available online in a free hypertext edition.

This ebook gives you practical (and sometimes radical) ideas to simplify your life. These ideas will help you manage your possessions, choose and arrange the place where you live, streamline your daily routine, support your dreams, and use resources to support your life’s goals. Simplicity offers you savings in time, money, and energy. Most importantly, simplicity is fun because you get more time for your passions.

Live Simple contains sections on:

This is a great book. It’s short and filled with great tips. Even if you don’t buy into the idea of simplicity completely, there’s a lot you can learn from the methods December describes. In the future, I’ll elaborate on some of his best ideas. For now, go read Live Simple.

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