Are you frugal? Do you have young children? Could you use some tips on how to make parenting less work and more fun? Parent Hacks is a “collaborative weblog of practical parenting wisdom”. In other words, it’s like Lifehacker for moms and dads.

Parent Hacks is a collaborative weblog that collects parents’ tips, recommendations, workarounds, and bits of wisdom — their hacks — in a single pot so we can all partake. Here’s the stuff that would have been left out of the instruction manual…if there were one. We’re not experts in the pediatrician-, psychologist-, or teacher- sense. We’re just out there, raising our kids, finding the little tweaks that make this crazy adventure go a little more smoothly.

A list of recent features at Parent Hacks highlights the site’s diverse content:

Parent Hacks is a clean, well-designed site packed with practical tips and useful information.