The Miserly Moms web site offers 87 frugal recipes submitted by the site’s readers. They’re all down-home meals made with cheap ingredients. Here’s a typical recipe:

Grandma’s Pot Roast

3-5# beef roast (cheapest cut under $2/lb — watch for sales as low as $1.20/lb)
1 package store brand onion soup mix ($.50)
1 small onion, cut any way you like ($.50)
2 Tbsp. Worstershire sauce
1 can cream of mushroom soup ($.50)

Put in a crock pot on low in the morning and eat for dinner. It does help to turn the roast every couple of hours but I’ve been away all day without and it was fine. We serve this to guests and everybody raves. The meat will make it’s own gravy. You can add a few carrots too, if you wish. I usually serve with homemade mashed potatoes. About 8 servings depending on size of roast. Just over $5 total for a great dinner and leftovers.

Find more like this at the Miserly Moms recipe page.

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