Two recent AskMetafilter questions wonder where the hip personal finance magazines are. One poster asks:

I was wondering if anyone knows of any magazines that are about money and investing for people who are younger or else just getting started in investing.

Readers suggested the standards: Money, Smart Money, and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, but none of these are ideal solutions. Each is a fine magazine in its own way — which is best varies based on personal needs and preferences — but none of them are aimed at new investors. One person recommended Young Money, which, based on the single issue I’ve seen, is not a good choice. It focuses too much on the cool and hip (with celebrity profiles and news about the latest gadgets) and not enough on good money habits.

Another poster laments the passing of an old favorite:

Do you have any fun, cool, hip magazine suggestions for someone who desperately misses Budget Living and needs more stuff to read around her messy apartment?

This question was posted less than an hour ago, and is still getting responses. People are suggesting magazines like Blueprint, ReadyMade, and Real Simple. (I’ve always been bothered by Real Simple‘s over-the-top advertising, which seems to defeat the magazine’s entire purpose.)

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