Here’s a piece of inspiration from the mind of Greg Knauss. It reminds me of Action Girl’s Guide to Living:

What do I want to do with my life?

That’s easy — or, rather, it’s easy to answer. I want to create something, build something, make something, with my hands and my brain and whatever tiny bit of passion I can muster. It doesn’t even matter what, really: cool things; fun things; interesting things; silly or stupid things. Things that make other people happy, or amused, or enraged, or some goddamned way other than what they were when they came in. Things that get a reaction, that have some sort of meaning, to me and to others. I want to exercise my creativity in ways that corporate and familial responsibilities don’t offer. I love my family and like my company, but they both need me to be solid and predictable and reliable. I want to be that, of course, but more, too. I want to do something.

And the doing turns out to be the hard part. Time, energy, motivation — they’re all necessary and all drained away by the work-a-day world, by all the other things that there are to take care of, the stuff we have to do because our families and our mortgages and our jobs depend on us getting them taken care of.


But when all is said and done, that’s a pretty poor excuse, isn’t it? For all the hardship in the world, if the only thing standing between me and some sort of existential satisfaction is that there’s too much else to do, well, then, I’m a bigger jackass than I imagined. Which is saying something.

I’m building Get Rich Slowly with my hands and my brain and my passion. What are you building? You’ve got someting inside you. What is it? And what are you waiting for? Get out there! Do something! At the very least, try. (And read Greg’s entire piece.)

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