Many people will not have enough saved for retirement, forcing them to work longer than they’d planned. But according to an article in this morning’s USA Today, many Americans are forced to retire years before they want to.

Most of today’s middle-age workers who want to continue working after 60 or even 65 will need to find a new source of income. While nearly half of baby boomers expect to work past 65, only 13% of current retirees surveyed this year by consulting firm McKinsey & Co. actually worked past that age. Forty percent of current retirees were forced to stop working earlier than they had planned, the survey found. The average age when current retirees left the workforce: 59.

The two largest causes of unplanned early retirement are illness and unemployment. The moral, of course, is start saving NOW for retirement. Pay yourself first. Set aside a little bit each month to begin your nest egg.

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