CNNMoney has posted a list of the priciest places to smoke and drive.

According the list, compiled by CCH (a tax-services firm), the top five cigarette taxes by state can be found in Rhode Island ($2.46/pack), New Jersey ($2.40), Washington ($2.025), Maine ($2.00), and Alaska ($1.80). The top five gas taxes by state are in Washington (34.0 cents/gallon), Pennsylvania (31.2 cents), Wisconsin (30.9 cents), Rhode Island (30.0 cents), and North Carolina (29.9 cents).

It’s cheaper to smoke and drive elsewhere, though:

Alaska and New York boast some of the lowest gasoline taxes, each charging 8 cents per gallon, while Missouri and Mississippi assess some of the lowest cigarette taxes nationwide, charging 17 cents and 18 cents per pack respectively.

Of course, you can really save money by cutting back on both smoking and driving. Easier said than done in both cases.


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