Get Rich Slowly-reader David points to the AIM BudgetBot, posted yesterday at Lifehacker. Adam Pash writes:

I used to save all of my receipts with a half-assed intention to reconcile them when I got around to it, which usually meant two weeks worth of crumpled, illegible receipts went straight from my pockets to the trash. Not very Lifehacker-y, huh? [...] I set out to create my own BudgetBot that I could SMS from my cell phone any time I made a purchase and log the expenses in a text file.

The results are remarkable. This video demonstrates just what the AIM BudgetBot can do:

Obviously this isn’t a complete personal finance solution. But the AIM BugetBot is an excellent way for techgeeks to keep a running tally of their current financial state. If I had a cell-phone, I would use this.

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