Several weeks ago I mentioned the Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder, which highlights the best offers from freebie sites around the web. Andrew Cantino reports that he’s made some updates:

Freebie Finder has evolved significantly since you wrote about it, and so I thought your readers might be interested in taking another look.  Freebie Finder still aggregates freebies from across the web while filtering out scams and referral pyramids.  It does this by detecting links that occur across multiple sites with identical URLs.  Since referral scams usually have a unique ID embedded in their URL, this technique filters out almost all of these scams.  What’s left tends to be actual freebies.  I’ve found this technique to work remarkably well.

In addition to finding freebies automatically, the new Freebie Finder also attempts to predict categories and countries for new freebies.  It then utilizes user input to refine these predictions.  Users vote on relevant categories, descriptions, countries, and ratings for freebies, and the system uses these votes to refine its initial guesses about the freebies.  Users can also comment on freebies.

Current freebies include:

  • a Wisconsin Cheese Tasters Kit
  • samples of sanitizing hand wipes
  • a sample pack of HP paper
  • a soccer DVD
  • a subscription to a golf magazine
  • address labels
  • 2kg of flour
  • a salt substitute

I’ve added Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder to my weekly routine. Every Friday I scan the offers. If there’s anything there I can use, I send away for it. Remember: free is a very good price.

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