Yesterday I gave some tips on how to keep cool during the summer heat. MoneyCentral has posted 25 ways to keep your house cooler.

The article includes advice on getting the most from your air conditioning, including such tips as: open windows and use fans instead of using air conditioners; shade the outside portion of your air conditioner; don’t place things that emit heat near your air conditioner; install shades or awnings.

You might also consider landscaping for a cooler house. Plant trees and shrubs to shade the house and air conditioning units; don’t landscape with rock near the house — rocks absorb heat.

Don’t forget that little things mean a lot: air dry dishes instead of drying them in the dishwasher; use a microwave oven whenever possible; turn off (or unplug) electronic devices when not in use; etc.

Finally, don’t air-condition the whole neighborhood. Make sure your insulation is sound, and that your home is properly caulked and sealed.

The article also recommends some ideas for planning ahead so that the summer heat isn’t such a burden in the future.

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