Recently, several people have asked how much money Get Rich Slowly earns from advertising. This subject makes some people uncomfortable. If you’re one of those people, please skip this post.

I believe that full disclosure is in the best interest of this site and its readers, so here’s a quick run-down of how I currently use advertising.

Google Ads
Google Ads appear on the archive pages. These are context-sensitive ads, meaning the ads are based on the content of the pages. Unfortunately inappropriate ads are sometimes served. When I see ads for get-rich-quick schemes, etc., I block them. (If you ever see an inappropriate Google Ad, please e-mail the URL to me.)

Every page on this site has a Feedburner ad. They’re often served in the RSS feed, too. I don’t accept all the ads available from Feedburner — as with Google Ads, I block anything that I deem inappropriate. For example, I recently rejected a “make money fast from my stock-market technique” ad.

Whenever I mention a book, I link to its Amazon page using my affiliate ID. Though I encourage you to use your public library whenever possible, I recognize that sometimes you want to own a book. But really: you should get your personal finance books from the library. I do. The Amazon links are the only ads here that may not obviously be advertising.

Sharebuilder is a specialized discount broker. It’s specifically designed for small investors who want to make automatic stock purchases at regular intervals. I love it, and I use it for my own investments. Sharebuilder is not a good choice for everyone. The site is not as robust as some, and it doesn’t have great research tools such as those at eTrade. But if you want to set up no-hassle automatic investments, Sharebuilder is fantastic.

Dreamhost hosts all of my various web sites. If you sign up for a Dreamhost account by following a link from this site (or by using “jdroth *AatT*” as your referrer), it costs you nothing extra and it nets me some cash.

Revenue from ads totals several hundred dollars per month.

Despite this, I’ve actually considered dropping the ads completely. I don’t mind ads on web sites — and I have no qualms advertising on my other sites — but I don’t want the ads to get in the way of the message at Get Rich Slowly. I’m not doing this for the money (though I don’t mind the money — don’t get me wrong), but because I have a passion for this information and because I believe that people need to hear about sound personal finance. I don’t want ads to get in the way of that.

If you have concerns regarding the level or methods of advertising on Get Rich Slowly, please let me know. I’ll consider what you have to say. And from this point forward, I’ll explicitly note when there’s an important change in the way this site deals with ads.

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