Lifehacker points to Oprah’s Debt Diet, which is a sensible approach to debt elimination and sound personal finance. The “diet” is divided into two phases of four steps each.

Within a month, you should be able to complete each of these four short-term goals, perhaps pursuing one task per week. These are steps that can be taken now to stop the bleeding and to begin the financial healing process.

  1. How much debt do you really have? List all of your debts and determine how much they are costing you.
  2. Track your spending. Discover those little leaks where you’re spending money daily. Start using this money to pay off debts instead.
  3. Learn to play the credit card game. Reduce your interest rates, pay more than the minimum, pay on time.
  4. Stop spending! Small changes can make a big difference — learn how to trick yourself into spending less.

These are ongoing tasks. If you stick with them, they can help you maintain solid financial health. Eventually, they’ll steer you toward your goals and dreams.

  1. Create a budget. Learn to stick to it. Use it to save.
  2. Grow your income. Sell your stuff. Get a second job. Do whatever it takes to get more money.
  3. Prioritize your debts. Oprah’s Debt Diet provides a sensible list of which debts to pay first.
  4. Understand your spending issues. Try to discover why you have trouble with money, and change the way you relate to it. Learn to save instead of spend!

Oprah has a wide reach and tremendous influence on her audience — it’s fanastic to see her pushing solid financial information.

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