Stop the presses!

I had a spark of inspiration on the drive to work this morning. There’s a change of plans for Blogathon.

It seems a shame for all of your great suggestions to get buried beneath a swamp of fifty entries where they won’t receive the attention they deserve. Instead, I’m going to hold off on most of them, highlighting each in turn.

Instead, I want to make to make the Blogathon fun for everyone involved. Using the theme Funny Money, I’ll highlight stories and anecdotes and websites about money that are funny in some way. I mean both funny “ha-ha” and funny “strange”.

Examples might include:

  • The old lady who had three million dollars in cash, but who kept it strewn around her house (which was filled with cats), and who died living as a pauper, nobody aware of how much she was worth.
  • The inept bank robbers in my neighborhood who stole construction equipment in an attempt to steal an ATM. (True story — I’ll have to see if I still have the newspaper article.)
  • Urban legends.
  • Video clips from YouTube. I’ll repost Pyramid Scheme because I think it’s so funny. (And because it’ll buy me half an hour.)

Because I’ve made this change of plans with less than 24 hours to go before Blogathon starts, I need your help. If you know of a strange money tale or a funny story, please contact me.

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