Garage sales are a fun way to exercise your frugal impulses. Instead of heading to the mall on a weekend, take some time to cruise the sales in your city, looking for deals. To make it easier to plan your outing, Get Rich Slowly reader Fraser is building, a web-based garage-sale mapping tool. He writes:

My wife and I are garage sale junkies, heading out to search for bargains every Saturday morning. She used to have me prepare a map of all the garage sales so we could be organized, but I figured I could do something with Google Maps. I’ve put together a tool that lets you put in several garage sales, and then show them all on the same map so you can plan out your route. You can also print off a version that’s good for the road. You can also share your map with other people if you want to save them work. includes garage sale information for select cities. (I believe this info is scraped from craigslist.) But even if your city isn’t listed, it’s a simple enough matter to create your own customized map. Simply enter the address information on the front page and add any personal notes. Once you’ve entered all your data, it’s easy to plan your attack!

Fraser has been adding features over the past month, and the site is now quite usable. Check it out!

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