Twenty-four hours from now, I’ll be dragging myself from bed and and stumbling downstairs, ready to take up a command position at the kitchen table for Blogathon. I’ve made a list of ideas, have gathered URLs, and am ready to go.

Some of the day will be spent highlighting cool sites about frugality and investing, but I do plan to devote much of my time to reader requests and suggestions. For the past month, I’ve been saving your questions and suggestions to use this weekend. If you have something you’d like me to write about, drop me a line.

There’s been a change of plans. The new Blogathon theme is Funny Money.

Some quick notes:

  • The entries I post for Blogathon are going to be rather raw. I spend a lot of time writing and revising entries normally, but I’m just not going to have time to do so tomorrow. Let me know if you spot errors so that I can fix them!
  • Please consider pledging if you haven’t already. I’m blogging in support of First Book, an organization that promotes reading among the poor. By fostering a love of reading, we can begin these kids on a path of life-long success. You can pledge as little as a buck.
  • More than usual, if you think something’s worthy of posting to a social bookmarking site (, digg), please post it. (There’s bound to be a couple of entries that have mass appeal!) The more possible donors for First Book, the better. (Better yet, digg or the main Blogathon right now!)
  • Those of you who read via RSS fed, beware. Assuming I make all schedule posts, you’ll be swamped by about 50 of them in one day.

After Blogathon, I’ll give you (and me) a break. I’ll sleep all day Sunday, and I probably won’t post on Monday, either. You’ll have time to sift through the flood of entries from Saturday. (I will post a single “table-of-contents” entry, or make a Blogathon category so that it’s easy to spot these new things.)

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