How many credit card applications do you receive in a year? One reader decided to keep track. From April of 2005 to April 2006, he noted every credit card offer that came to him.

I received 141 applications with 100 of them containing the sample credit cards. I regret not keeping more complete records like available interest rates per time of year, frequency of offers from which company etc. I can tell you that I received a substantial portion of the applications in the end of October but again I can’t say exactly how many.

This would be a fun exercise here at Get Rich Slowly. Because I have not yet opted out of the credit card solicitation list, I still get tons of offers. But how many? Let’s find out. Starting August 1st, I will note every offer I receive for the next year. I’ll tabulate the data in an Excel spreadsheet. (But should I track the offers my wife receives, too?)

Stay tuned!

[A Year's Worth of Credit-Card ApplicationsDo try this at home.]

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