Greetings, and welcome to Blogathon! I’m finally caught up. (I got up at 5:44, which put me behind from the start.)

I’m sitting at the dining room table with a mug of Lapsang Souchong tea, a stack of personal finance books, and an elaborate chart listing ideas and URLs in a neat schedule grid. Of course, I’ve already left the schedule grid, but there you go. (Outside, five or six juvenile blue jays are fighting over peanuts at the feeder on the walnut tree. Seven rock doves are perched on another feeder, arguing over who gets what. The feeder sways beneath their mass. Stupid rock doves.)

My entries today will be more ragged than normal. I’ll rarely have time for editing and revision. If you want to forward something related to Funny Money, please do so! I’m happy to publish reader submissions, especially if they don’t take long to write about.

While you’re waiting for me to post new entries, visit the main Blogathon page to learn how to browse other participating sites. In particular, check out Nick at Punny Money (who appears to be doing trivia), Dobbs at Wrestle the Future to the Fucking Ground (who is sharing legal mp3s), and A Homesteading Neophyte (a blog I discovered via Blogathon — I love it!).

Also, please consider sponsoring Get Rich Slowly to raise money for First Book. Even $2 helps.

As of this morning, 30 sponsors have pledged $613, which is outstanding. Known sponsors include:, Foetry, Mom, Punny Money, Mike L., PearBudget, Dusty, my mother-in-law!

Thanks for visiting, and have fun!

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