Who typifies the antithesis of the Get Rich Slowly ideal? There are many charlatans and hucksters out there who would have you believe there are quick paths to riches. One of these snake-oil salesmen is Don Lapre.

According to Quackwatch:

Don Lapre is a fast-talking character who has been selling “get rich” opportunities for many years. His infomercials describe how, while living in a “tiny one-bedroom apartment, “he became a millionaire by placing hundreds of “tiny little ads” in newspapers. [...] Phoenix, Arizona-based Lapre is easily recognizable with his youthful good looks and exaggerated mannerisms. He has reaped many millions of dollars doing business under a long list of company names, but in 1999, he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In 2000, the Phoenix New Times published a lengthy investigative report that revealed…

To see exactly what the report revealed, read the Quackwatch article Be Wary of Don Lapre, Doug Grant, and “The Greatest Vitamin in the World”. One key point is:

Many former Lapre customers have posted descriptions of their experience with the “Making Money” package. We could not find a single person who reported making a profit. Most lost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some report never selling a single item or receiving a single call from a prospective customer.


Here’s a hilarious parody of Lapre from The B-Squad: Don Lapre’s Ultimate Road to Success.

[Be wary of Don LapreDon't try this at home]

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