I love reading old comic books because they can give clues as to what life was like in another era. Little Lulu is one of my favorite old comics, even though it’s ostensibly for kids. Here’s a story that involves money and what it used to buy fifty years ago. The following scans have been borrowed (without permission – sorry) from Bob Pfeffer’s Little Lulu page. (To save bandwidth, I’m only posting the first four pages on the front of Get Rich Slowly. Click the “more” to see the rest of the story.)

To read more about Little Lulu, check out the recent series of reprints. They’re fantastic!

  1. My Dinner With Lulu (Four Color 74, 97, 110, 115, 120)
  2. Sunday Afternoon (Four Color 131, 139, 146, 158)
  3. Lulu in the Doghouse (Four Color 165, Little Lulu 1-5)
  4. Lulu Goes Shopping (Little Lulu 6-12)
  5. Lulu Takes a Trip (Little Lulu 13-17)
  6. Letters to Santa (Little Lulu 18-22)
  7. Lulu’s Umbrella Service (Little Lulu 23-27)
  8. Late For School
  9. Lucky Lulu

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