Here is a man who has a high risk tolerance: Ashley Revell sold everything he had — including his clothes — left his home in London and headed to Vegas. After a little minor gambling, he went to the roulette wheel, placed his life savings of $135,300 on “red”, and won.

“It’s really down to my friends and family and Mum and Dad,” he told Reuters Television. “I knew even if I lost I’d always have a home to go to.”

“I’m still against it,” said his Dad. “He shouldn’t have done it. He’s a naughty boy. I tell my kids they shouldn’t gamble. I’ve got four others and they’re all going to want to go the same way.”

The article describes Revell as “recently a professional gambler”, but I fail to see how a professional would risk everything on a game of chance. Unlike poker, there isn’t a whit of skill involved in playing the roulette wheel. (That’s not to say that I endorse poker, but I do recognize that there is some skill involved.)

This is sheer lunacy. Don’t do this.

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