Betsy from My Whim is Law wrote in with a $5 pledge and a tip on how to save money on expensive coffee drinks:

This isn’t particularly funny, but it is a reader suggestion!

Most of the time, I make my own coffee at home — or drink it at work.  But every now and then, I need an extra kick — or I’m out running errands, or it’s hot while I’m running errands, or….

I also love my iced coffee — but don’t want to pay $3.50 and up for an iced latte when they offer milk on the condiment stand for free (plus, I don’t like that much milk.)

So I order two (or three) shots of espresso in a tall cup that’s full of ice.   I swirl it around for a minute or two, add my milk (or half and half) and I’m good to go — for about a dollar less than I’d pay otherwise. (I usually pay 2 bucks.)

Everyone I’ve passed the tip along to raves, by the way — a co-worker tried it yesterday morning in place of her daily iced americano and came up to me afterwards, all excited about the dollar she was going to save herself every single day of the year (I asked for a cut — didn’t work.)

Same theory can apply to soft drink purchases while running around — fountain drinks are usually always cheaper than the bottles in the cooler at your local convenience store; think about purchasing the one liter size over the single-serving sizes and saving some for later. 

On a related note, most places will let you order a soda with no ice. Well, I guess most places actually let you fill your drink yourself nowadays, but for those that don’t, try ordering with no ice. You get a lot more soda for your money…

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