Here’s an internet classic. John Hargrave at was frustrated that nobody ever checked his signature when he paid with a credit card. He wondered: how crazy could he make his signature before somebody actually called him on it. The answer? Pretty crazy.

Here’s his regular signature, which he describes as “that of a homeless clown”:

And here are some of the signatures that he used (and was not ever chided for). Note that the last one isn’t even a signature!


His signatures got progressively crazier. He signed with an X. He signed with a stick figure (?!?). He signed with scribbles. He signed as Mariah Carey, Beethoven, and Zeus. Nobody called him on it. He asked his readers for suggestions. He signed “Please check ID” and “Porky Pig” and “I stole this card”. Still nothing.

Hargrave’s story goes on for several pages, until finally somebody checks his signature. But only as he attempts to spend $16,800 on electronics at Circuit City!

It’s a funny read.

[The Credit Card PrankDon't try this at home.]

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