Have you ever wondered where your money goes after you spend it? Where’s George? can help you find out. After registering with the site, you can enter the serial numbers from your bills. As money falls into the hands of different users, they enter there serial numbers in turn, and the money is tracked as it moves around the country.

Sounds crazy, huh? And for most bills, little or nothing ever happens. But for some, a detailed map emerges. Check out good ol’ K244—I, which is the top-tracked bill with 15 reported sightings. It was released into the wild in Dayton, Ohio, wandered through the south (and spent a long time in Texas), ventured to Utah, and was last seen someplace in Michigan’s upper peninsula, not too far from where it was first sighted.

Where’s George? is currently tracking 87,661,528 bills, which simply boggles my mind. Canadians can track their money using Where’s Willy? Similar sites exist for other countries. Check this list (scroll down).

[Where's George?Do try this at home.]

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