…and what does he have to do with money?

According to Love 22‘s own web site:

“LOVE 22″ is (A  PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE), a Unique Comic Performer, and (A CHAMPION FRISBEE PLAYER) who prints up real “$22. BILLS.”  He performs at  (THE MALLORY SQUARE SUNSET) festival in Key West, Florida. “I.K.W.F” Using origami he entertains the crowds by fashioning (BOOTS, SHIRTS, BOW TIE & RINGS) out of the “$22. BILLS.” LOVE 22 also appears world wide at  Festivals, Cruises, Commencements, Conventions, Colleges, National Events, Corporate Functions, Weddings, Birthdays, Cocktail Parties and Stage Shows. The “$22. BILLS” have been “CASHED” over 500 times in the (“22″+ YEAR HISTORY OF “$22 BILLS”).

When I asked for ideas on another web site, one person wrote: ” I worked in a market in Narragansett. Love 22 would often pay using 2-dollar bills folded so that 2′s were side-by-side, making a ’22.’ He now prints his own 22-dollar bills.” And the thing is: people are actually dumb enough to take these $22 bills as real money. Check out this story:

Funny Bill Used to Pay Fine
Hamilton, Montana (U.P. & A.P.)

A 26 year old man successfully paid a $20 traffic fine in city court with a fake $22 bill. Police Chief John Willette said.

The bill was made by doctoring a $20 bill and photocopying it to 80 percent rag bond paper.

It was accepted by police, Judge Herbert Kester this month. Willette said it was passed by a 26 year old man whom Willette did not identify. His story is that it was a joke bill that he picked up some place, the chief said.

When the Judge fined him he reached down into his wallet and pulled out what he thought was a real bill and laid it on the Judge’s desk. The Judge snatched it up and put it in his drawer. The judge has not said whether he gave the man any change.

No charges have been filed against the man, Willette said, but Secret Service agents have said the case will be referred to the U.S. attorney’s office.

I love it!

[Love 22Don't try this at home.]

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