Nick at Punny Money (who is also doing the Blogathon right now) points to Michelle Singletary’s annual Penny Pincher of the Year award.

Honorable Mention goes to a man who, when on business trips, always stays at the same small inn. Every night he stays he gets two free bottles of beer. He then takes these home and puts them in the fridge, which is fully stocked with these free bottles.

Third place goes to a woman who uses swimming diapers instead of normal diapers. They’re durable enough to survive several wash cycles, so they make a happy medium between disposables and cloth diapers.

Second place goes to a man who, at least one day a week, refuses to drive his car.

And the winner? The winner goes above-and-beyond:

First place goes to Tom Hagaman of Denver. He was nominated by his wife of two years, Emily, who says her husband deserves top honor for insisting they cut costs on vacation trips around Colorado by going to time-share presentations.

“His money-saving idea has turned into my own private hell,” Hagaman said. “We’ve had plenty of discounted dinners. We’ve gotten enough hot springs passes, gas coupons, ski discounts and buy-one-get-one-free dinners to tide you over for a lifetime.”

I’m frugal, but there’s no way I can keep up with these penny pinchers!

[Penny Pincher of the Year (via Punny Money) — Do try this at home.]

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