I’m going to bed now.

Blogathon is over. I’m proud of the money that you pledged in support of First Book. Your 32 pledges raised $658 to buy books for needy children. (It’s not too late to contribute, by the way.)

I’m glad I tried this. I didn’t know if I could do it. And it was a slog. I’m amazed that I lasted all 24 hours, that I was able to make every single post. (Some were better than others). But I doubt I’ll do this again next year. The type of entries required for an event like this just don’t match my writing style.

If I do participate in the future, I’ll change the terms from the default “one post every half hour”, which is just too quick for me. I’ll ask for sponsors based on a “one post per hour” rate instead. This should give me time to create higher-quality content.

For those of you who missed my marathon posting session, I’ve made things easy to find: all of the Blogathon posts reside in the new Funny Money category. (“Funny money” was my theme for the event.)

Here’s an abridged version featuring my ten favorite posts (in no particular order):

And, in case you haven’t seen it, the last entry before Blogathon featured 10 expert tips for saving on car insurance from somebody who works in the industry.

Finally, special thanks to my sponsors. I appreciate the contributions you’re making to First Book. I’ve managed to delete the list of people who sponsored this site. When I have it reconstructed, I’ll post it here. Thank you. Childhood literacy is an important cause. If we can turn kids into readers, we can help them go far. Readers are leaders.

I’ll be back on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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