Today, as I was posting to Blogathon, I received a 419 message, a Nigerian advance fee scam:

My reason for contacting you is to solicit for your assistance and to stand as my trustee in having this cash successfully moved to your country, where i will have to invest it in a good business or if accepted by you, from a joint venture business with you, for the mutual benefit of both of us. Although am still very ready to pay you as a trustee or rather commit it same to the joint venture collaboration.Back in my country, trustee fee is within the range of 5 to 7% of the total fund. Upon your acceptance and willingness to stand as my trustee in handling this transaction, please do reply this mail, by contacting me strickly on this mail address as this mail using was the one myself and my husband were using when he was still alive. please i urge you to
handle this transaction with utmost confidentiality as the future of my self and my son solelly depends on the success of this transaction.I look forward to hearing from you very soon.
Thanks in advance for your co-orperation.
Best Regards From,
Mrss Victoria Lulu.

I think perhaps Mrss Victoria Lulu should have attended the 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference where, among other things, she might have learned to “Write better emails. Make more moneys.” (The conference proceedings are available.)

Of course, if Mrss. Victori Lulu is ambitious, perhaps she can join John Boko in his quest to create original art for Derek Trotter. Mr. Boko has produced such masterpieces as this wooden computer:

Seriously, though, you should read this story in which the scammer gets scammed. His intended “advance fee” victim offers instead to pay him money if he’ll carve “artwork” and ship it to the U.S.

[The 3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference and 419 Eater, via Alan]

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