Have you seen the shameless exaggeration, the tasteless products, and the pure hokum dispensed by all those infomercials that clog up the late night airwaves? Welcome to the Ridiculous Infomercial Review, the website that gleans laughs from the tacky world of television infomercials. All sorts of infomercials are featured here, old and new, famous and obscure — the more ludicrous the item and the lamer the sales pitch, the better.

This is a hilarious site. Its purpose isn’t to criticize or dispute the claims in informercials (thus I think they mean “revue”), but to mock them. Mercilessly. The reviews point out the silliness inherent in these ads.

Featured infomercials include:

Here’s a segment from Dual Action Cleanse with Klee Irwin that Ridiculous Infomercial Review finds, well, ridiculous:

Ridiculous Infomercial Review even has a blog!

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