We almost hit $1000!

I finally discovered how to see this site’s Blogathon sponsors, and in the process found some pledges that had gone unconfirmed until now. The final tally was 37 pledges for $964. Huge thanks to everyone who was able to sponsor:

Nathaniel Burbank
Sabino Arredondo (the best accountant in Canby, Oregon)
Vince at Investorial.com
Anthony Lewis
Dusty D.
Luneray (who is fond of dogs that have issues)
Maartje Tel
Amy Jo (who runs From a Corner Table)
John Petronis
Rachel Reynolds
Stacey Jennings
My Mother-in-Law
Foetry Guy
Kira Botkin
My aunt Virginia
Sal Mineo
Michael Hampton (the guy who started me on personal finance!)
upNext Media
Amber (who chronicles her adventures with money at Yellow’s Green)
Rich Rogers (who is getting over a fear of flying)
Betsy (from My Whim is Law)
Tracy Omagbemi
Jason Weaver
Bill Hooker (from Open Reading Frame)
Nick Ferris (at Punny Money)
and five anonymous folks

If you made a pledge and your name isn’t listed here, please let me know. Also let me know if you have a web site you’d like listed with your name.

Finally, thanks to Cat, the organizer of the Blogathon, for all her effort. (And to her husband, Bill.)

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