I’ll be leaving for vacation shortly. Look for some great guest posts from Get Rich Slowly readers over the next week. Before I go, I’d like to take a quick survey.

What is the best personal finance book you’ve ever read? Why did you like it? What set it apart from other books? Is there one piece of advice from the book that sticks with you? (You might also share the books you don’t like — that could be instructive, too.)

If you haven’t read a personal finance book before, why not? If you’ve tried to read one but stopped, what made you stop? What advice do you wish you could give personal finance authors?

For those of you who read a lot of personal finance books, which do you recommend for beginners? Can you recommend books about specific subjects? For example, maybe there’s a book with a great section about homeownership, even if it’s weak in other areas. Or maybe there’s a great book on frugality that doesn’t deal with investing.

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