How much can a programmable thermostat save you? A lot, says Adam Gurno. His is the first guest-post while I’m on vacation

Due to the rising cost of, well, everything, my wife and I decided to make some changes to see if we could save some money. I had always heard that programmable thermostats were an easy way to reduce utility bills, so I took the plunge and bought one.

Then I sat down and created a spreadsheet to track exactly how much we were saving, if any. In the three summer months since it was installed, we’ve saved nearly 1000 KWH of electricity and it has repaid itself 150%. When winter hits (we’re in Minnesota), I expect to see these same sort of savings with my natural gas usage.

You can read more about the thermostat in this Flickr photo set.

The U.S. government’s Citizen Information Center has an excellent article on choosing a programmable thermostat.

Before you buy a programmable thermostat, chart your weekly habits including wake up and departure times, return home times, and bedtimes, and the temperatures that are comfortable during those times. This will help you decide what type of thermostat will best serve your needs.

For more information on reducing your energy costs, see Michael Bluejay’s excellent Saving Electricty site.

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