I’m testing three new plugins for this site. If you have feedback regarding their functionality, please let me know.

You can see them in action at the bottom of the sidebar. The first simply tabulates recent posts. The second lists popular posts. The third selects random posts. When I’m sure they’re working correctly, and when I’ve figured out the CSS, these three will be grouped together to form the new page header throughout the site. (Bye bye, default tunnel image!)

I may opt against the random posts column and simply manually add featured posts in order to promote past entries that I think deserve special attention for whatever reason.

While I’m tinkering, I’d appreciate feedback regarding other areas of the site that need work. For example, one user wrote yesterday:

When my window is not large enough at the bottom, the comment window will NOT show at all. You can fill in name, email, and site, but you can’t write any comments. Everytime, I’m kind of dumbfounded, and I just don’t know what to do. This time I’m lucky. I resized the window larger, and comment window magically appeared. Just thought that maybe you want to know about this. By the way, I was using Mozilla Firefox at your Get Rich Slowly blog.

This is the kind of stuff I want to know about. When things are broken, I need to figure out how to fix them. (Though in this case I have no idea what’s wrong!)

I hope you’re all enjoying successful and frugal weekends.

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