It’s Labor Day weekend. My wife and I are spending it, well, laboring. While working on the house and in the yard, I won’t have time to write about frugality and investing. If you’re looking for good stuff to read, try some of my favorite articles from the past month:

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As I say, Kris and I are hard at work this weekend. Summer is winding down, and that means the yardwork is picking up. Our current chore is painting the house.

We have an old house. The exterior is in fairly good shape, but for some reason the north side — the side out of the weather — is in the worst condition. We spent yesterday evening and all this morning scrubbing the siding and scraping paint in rough spots. Tomorrow and Monday we’ll make a pass with a layer of paint.

Our goal is to paint one section of the house most summers. In this way, each area should get fresh paint every five years. It’s not a terrible chore when broken into chunks like this. We’d really love to hire somebody to paint the house for us, but that seems like a waste of money when we’re perfectly capable of doing it ourselves. Maybe if our grand “wash-and-touch-up-every-five-years” plan doesn’t work we’ll resort to getting it done professionally once.

I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend. Have fun and be safe! I’ll see you on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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