I accidentally posted this fun little entry for a couple hours last week; it was meant for today.

My wife and I grow vegetables, fruit, nuts, and berries. We’ve considered getting goats. And deep in my heart, I think it’d be fun to keep bees. (My dad kept bees for a time when I was a boy — I was awed by his white beekeeping outfit.)

The Make Blog points to several web resources on beekeeping basics.

This AskMetafilter question might also be of use: What do I need to know to become an amateur apiarist/beekeeper?

I’m curious about beekeeping costs. Most sites just call it a “low-cost hobby”. This page esitmates it takes about $300 to get started. A great PDF entitled Beekeeping in Kentucky: What’s the Buzz About? lists the startup costs at $266 and yearly maintenance costs at about $20. (The brochure also estimates that a typical hive can bring in $100-$150 a year if the honey is sold.)

Just for the fun of it, here’s a BBC story about an Irishman who tried (and failed) to set a new ‘bee record’ (for number of bees on his body simultaneously). He only managed 200,000 bees, which is just over half as many as he needed. He wasn’t stung during the stunt. Strange stuff.

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