I’m pleased to be this week’s guest on the Money Blogger Podcast. (What is a podcast?) In the interview, host Scott Ahlberg and I discuss personal finance, including the history of debt in the United States, and what can be done to educate kids so that they’re better prepared to meet the Real World.

Take a listen:

This is Ahlberg’s 35th podcast episode, and I’ve listened to all of them. Each interview is interesting in its own way, but my favorites so far have featured:

  • Bluebird of Hedonic Adjustment — Bluebird is older than most personal finance bloggers. His experience gives him wisdom and perspective that others have yet to obtain.

  • NCN from No Credit Needed — I admire NCN’s money philosophy. He recently became debt-free, which I hope to do by the end of 2008.

  • Seattle Simplicity — This interview features a discussion of how simple living is different from frugal living.

  • Flexo from Consumerism Commentary — Flexo is a prime mover in the personal finance blogging community.

  • Ramit of I Will Teach You to Be Rich — Ramit is an excellent speaker. He’s especially enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and about educating young people to handle money.

You can subscribe to the Money Blogger Podcast via XML. (I download each installment automatically via iTunes.) Ahlberg is a thoughtful interviewer, and his podcasts offer insight into ways to better manage money. Subscribing is easy and well worth your while.

I also recently participated in an e-mail interview at Help Your Money.

[Money Blogger Podcast]

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