Here’s the headline from a circular that came in the mail today. “You need to post this at Get Rich Slowly,” Kris told me. She’s right.

[as that reads 'Driving is so much easier than cooking!']

It would take me fifteen minutes to reach the nearest Applebee’s. It would cost me several dollars in fuel, not to mention the cost for the meal. For less money and the same time I could fix a fantastic meal of steak and risotto. (Accompanied by a frosty adult beverage.) Come to think of it, that’s exactly what I just did! How about a new motto: “Cooking is so much tastier than Applebee’s”?

One key to reduce your spending is to avoid advertising. If you do expose yourself to ads, at least be conscious of how you’re being manipulated. As for this ad, if you too think that “driving is so much easier than cooking”, take the time to teach yourself some basic cooking skills. You’ll be glad you did.

(For more on this topic read: Healthy food on an unhealthy budget and Learning to eat more meals at home.)

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