Here’s a tip from Israel in SoCal:

Last time I was at Kragen Auto Parts I was charged around $30 for a set of spark plug wires. Online they were priced for 18. It turns out that the price online is cheaper for most of their retail items. Also they have a “buy online and pick up at store” function to their website. Once time before, one of their reps told me to print out the page with the online price of the item, and bring it to the store. So I just did that for a fuel filter on my car, and I saved around 3 bucks. I figure that this tip may benefit your readers.

It may indeed! Thanks, Israel. I’ll certainly try this next time I’m doing work on my car.

(Kragen Auto Parts goes by the name Checker Auto Parts in some areas of the U.S. and by Schuck’s Auto Supply in others.)

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