I last asked for reader feedback in July. I’m asking for it again.

Get Rich Slowly has been in operation for six months. In those six months, it has produced some impressive numbers:

  • Posts: 505 (2.8/day)
  • Comments: 2,349 (13.0/day)
  • Spam: 8,615 (47.9/day)
  • Visitors: 377,000 (2,094/day)
  • Page Views: 664,000 (3,688/day)
  • Subscribers: 4,100 (190 by email)

This weblog is a success because of you and your support. Your comments, suggestions, and contributions make Get Rich Slowly a vibrant, growing place. As always, if you find something that other readers should see, send it in. If you have an idea for a guest entry, contact me. If you have a question about personal finance, let me know.

During the last few weeks, I’ve found a rhythm to the site. I’m comfortable with the pace, variety, and format. I like it, but what do you think?

When I last asked, many said they would prefer less frequent, more in-depth original content. I’ve made that a priority. My goal lately has been to post twice a day: a main entry in the morning and a lighter entry in the afternoon. (With “daily links” that post automatically overnight, too.) I still “reblog” several times a week — there’s a lot of great information that I couldn’t cover otherwise — but I try to emphasize original content. I especially love sharing stuff submitted by GRS readers, though sometimes it takes a while to do so. (For example, I was sent the American Frugal Housewife link in July; I finally posted it in October.)

I would appreciate your feedback on the following:

  • What topics do you like to see covered? Currently, I write about whichever subject interests me at the moment. For example, last week I posted several articles on entrepreneurship. I’ve also focused recently on investing, cars, and home-buying. Which topics interest you?
  • Are the articles too long? As I researched this post, I noticed that my word counts have been rising. Am I writing too much? Would shorter entries be easier to read?
  • Do you like the daily links? These are items that I find interesting, but that I don’t have time to write about. I bookmark these at del.icio.us, and they post here overnight. Would you like to see more of these? Fewer? None at all?
  • Which is your favorite article? Which has been most useful? (Also: which is your least favorite?)
  • Do you have other requests or suggestions? Send them in!

Your feedback — good and bad — will help to improve this site. Please let me know what you think, either in the comments or via e-mail.

Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer special thanks to Fraser, JLP, Ramit, and Flexo. These four have offered behind-the-scenes advice and encouragement during the past six months. Their support has been awesome. (By the way, JLP’s All Things Financial just celebrated its second birthday. Congrats!)

Remember: you can subscribe to the Get Rich Slowly RSS feed, or you can subscribe by e-mail (just use the handy box in the upper-right corner of this page).

I’m taking Monday off — I’ll see you all again on Tuesday with more personal finance advice that makes cents.

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