I wrote previously about my love for The Teaching Company, an outfit that provides college-level lectures on tape and compact disc. If you’re curious about the company, but want to know more, here’s a chance to sample a free lecture from one of its best courses.

To commemorate Halloween, The Teaching Company is proud to present one of Professor Robert Greenberg’s lectures on Hector Berlioz‘s Symphonie fantastique. You may access this free lecture online any time between now and November 26, 2006.

Dr. Robert Greenberg calls the introduction to the fifth movement “real Halloween music.” Berlioz “wants us to see in our mind’s eye a broken graveyard, a ruined church, a stinking vapor rising from the ground, vermin scurrying around, and in the middle of this churchyard a rude pine coffin.”

The lecture is free. You may download it to your computer, burn it to a CD, or load it on a portable listening device. Please feel free to forward this … to any friends who might enjoy it. It’s free for them as well.

Disclaimer: I receive no compensation from The Teaching Company. I just love their products. (Though I’d sign up and promote an affiliate program if they had one.)